In 2012, Nicole Dortch, a multi-talented and courageous young woman, began pursuing her long-overdue dream in fashion and embarked on a quest to create the ultimate experience in intimate apparel.


Nicole traveled daily from Washington, DC, to New York to pursue her dream of becoming an Intimate Apparel Designer. Her goal, to design exquisite lingerie, and her challenge was working full time in Finance and attending school at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She was determined to achieve her dream across state lines regardless of the distance.
After many years of working in the fashion and retail industry, Nicole decided to combine her true love of fashion and obsession for intimate apparel into a brand. A full-service boutique, offering fashion-forward styles, bra fitting services, solutions for post-surgery and mastectomy, and luxury concierge.


After a girl’s trip to Paris, she found the missing link to her vision in several boutiques. The unique styles, interior design, and exceptional customer service those stores exhibit is what she wanted to bring back to the US. Her source of inspiration, Paris, a glass of champagne, and a string of pearls. She decided to name her brand Petit à Petit (little by little in French) on her trip.


Petit à Petit is not just a bra and panty shop; it's the ultimate experience in intimate apparel. Whose mission is to provide a luxury experience in the evolution of womanhood. Nicole immediately researched the best brands to support her vision and applied her education in fabrication and construction to select the right partners to provide high-quality products in a wide array of sizes and styles.
Today, Petit à Petit continues to service their guest virtually and at their store with fashion-forward styles, fittings, solutions and lingerie educational series, and partnerships with community organizations. They are known for creating an intimate and safe environment for young developing ladies and showcasing the latest styles with local fashion and trunk shows.

Our Core Values

We at Petit à Petit don’t just sell bras and panties; we indulge in the care and delicate beauty of a woman with style and grace.
Our purpose as a company is to uphold standards in: Commitment to Our Guest, Fabrication & Construction, and Service.

Commitment to Our Guests

We are committed to providing the best service and solutions to all our guests. To achieve this, we place care in your privacy and creating a positivity and safe environment for all women. We promise to improve ourselves and our services, add delicate care to all our guests, and expand our knowledge, skills, and abilities to providing the best above and beyond service.

Fabrication & Construction

Our passion for delicate fabrics and intimate apparel construction is vital to our success. We studied textiles to ensure the highest quality fabrics used and the garments constructed to the highest industry standard. Our brand partnerships from the US, Columbia, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and other well-known UK locations supply their products sold at Petit à Petit.


Service with integrity and accountability. We understand that lingerie sells itself; however, service does not. We invest in the art of customer service, and our staff value the belief of Petit à Petit’s mission and delivers intimate concierge service. We conduct in-town deliveries, private one-on-one consultations, virtual events, shopping and fittings, and advocate for women’s health awareness.

Our Brand Partnerships

We continue to grow, so will our brand partnerships. Below is a list of a few partnerships. We welcome brands to email Nicole.dortch@madamcfo.com for business inquiries:
 Skarlett Blue Natori
Elila Chantelle
Curvy Kate Saxx
Le Mystère Gossmer
On Gossard Janira
Sainted Sisters Dita Von Teese
Aubade Vienne Milano

Our Leadership

Petit à Petit is a trademark brand, which belongs to Madam CFO, Inc., a consulting firm, founded in 2018 by Nicole Dortch. She leads both companies with service, integrity, and accountability. Empowering and mentoring young women to be successful in life, she promotes positivity financial literacy, and change. She encourages all to be brave and influential and reach for the sky, knowing there is no limit to what you can achieve. Petit à Petit has its own signature fragrance in acquisition, launching Fall 2021.


Owner of Petit à Petit Lingerie Nicole Dortch

Brand Assets

Petit à Petit Logo

Petit à Petit 50 ml Parfum
Petit à Petit Travel Parfum
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